Pearland High School Homecoming Mums

Pearland High School Homecoming mums are an important part of the school’s Homecoming celebrations. Homecoming in Texas isn’t Homecoming without these huge and ornate mums flooding the schools. Enchanted Florist is the best supplier for Homecoming mums, with clients from 18 high schools in the area.  

Pearland High School Homecoming Mums for sale

Homecoming Mums in Texas

Wearing these oversized mums during Homecoming is a unique Texan tradition. Years ago, students wore simpler chrysanthemum corsages for Homecoming. Over the following decades, students began wearing bigger and more elaborate mums decorated with flowing braids and ribbons as well as different kinds of knickknacks. Students usually buy boutonnieres and garters for their dates, though they can buy their own if they’re going to Homecoming stag or with a group of friends.

Standard Mums

Enchanted Florist has a wide selection of Homecoming mums for Pearland High School. There is the deluxe single, double, and triple mum. There is a heart-shaped mum arrangement for your special someone. There is also the Mumstrosity, an even larger arrangement with four mums and a lot of space for different kinds of trinkets, and toys. Pearland High School Homecoming mums can also come in the school colors maroon, white, and silver. If you’re a senior, you can already choose mums decorated purely in gold or silver.

Unique Custom Mums

Of course, you can also select mums that can make you stand out and reflect your personality. If you don’t want to wear your school colors, you can choose a color combination that suits you better. If you have time to do so, you can visit Enchanted Florist and create a custom football mum to get into the hype of the homecoming game. You can also ask Enchanted Florist to create a custom design that shows your interests and other sports you might play, like basketball, baseball, or soccer. You can choose trinkets and decorations that will reflect your personality well. 

homecoming mums in pearland high school texas

There’s also a large variety of things you can choose to decorate 
Homecoming mums for Pearland High School with. You can choose from many varieties of braids, chains, boas, ribbons, trinkets, and stuffed animals. The ribbons can bear your name, your date’s name, or the present year so you can remember this particular Homecoming with your mums. Aside from these decorations, you can also add lights to make your mum truly stand out and make a statement.

Easy Ordering and Delivery

While being creative with your mum can be a little difficult, ordering it is actually incredibly simple and easy. You can go on 
Enchanted Florist’s website and fill up an online order form. You can also go to the physical store so you can see the selections and decorations for yourself. By doing so, you can see the materials and have a better sense of what your mum will be like when it is finished. The mums can be delivered right to your door, or you can pick them up from the store. Because your Homecoming is on October 7, 2016, start picking out Pearland High School Homecoming mums soon.

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