Top 6 House Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

top 6 houseplants safe for dogs and cats

According to the
VCA, there are 70 million pet dogs, and 74 million pet cats in the United States, and those numbers are on the rise. As Americans we love our fur kids, and will do just about anything to keep them happy and healthy. 

Providing them with a safe and comfortable home environment, feeding them a balanced diet, and keeping them very well loved are all top priorities. 

Here are our top six
house plants safe for cats and dogs:If you are just welcoming a new pet to the family, or looking to bring some color and life into your surroundings, there are some beautiful options available that are perfectly safe for you and your pet!

top 6 house plants safe for cats and dogs

  1. African Violet: The African Violet is a perfect plant for pet owners because it is so adaptable, and is totally safe no matter who goes digging around.
  2. Bromeliad: The indoor Bromeliad’s exotic look makes this plant an excellent conversation starter, and beautiful addition to any home. The plants thrive in bright sunny areas of the home, however, too much direct light can damage their leaves. Although the plant will only bloom once in its lifetime, the flower is still safe no matter who goes sniffing.
  3. Birds Nest Fern: The Birds Nest Fern likes humidity, moderate to bright light, but no direct sun exposure. The birds nest fern is a very easy, and low maintenance fern, making it an ideal choice for busy pet owners.
  4. Parlor Palm: The Parlor Palm likes moist soil, adequate drainage, and moderate amounts of light. This palm is easy to care for, and has no hazardous properties making it a very popular house plant, and great choice for pet-friendly environments.
  5. Prayer Plant: The Prayer Plant is popular for its magnificent leaves, likes bright light, but can’t handle direct sun. The “Prayer Plant earned its name because of the way its leaves fold together at night, like hands closed in prayer. Its leaves unfold in the morning light, sometimes making a rustling sound,” Guide To Houseplants. Despite the plant’s beauty, it’s rugged enough to be a great plant even in Fido’s environment.
  6. Peperomia (all varieties): The Peperomia also has striking leaves, and makes for an ideal house plant safe for cats and dogs. The Peperomia likes moderate light, and does well in fluorescent light as well.

These beautiful plants will make lovely additions to any pet-lovers home. For information on plants that are harmful, please click here. Please contact us for any additional information on keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe all around your household. 

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