Friendswood High School Homecoming Mums

Homecoming may come every year, but that doesn’t mean that Friendswood High School Homecoming mums can’t be special. To make your Homecoming celebrations memorable, Enchanted Florist can provide you with highly customizable mums that can serve as mementos after Homecoming is over. 

Friendswood High School Homecoming Mums

A Long-Standing Tradition

The use of large, elaborate Homecoming mums is a uniquely Texan high school tradition. This tradition began several decades ago, when boys gave simpler chrysanthemum corsages to their dates. Eventually, these corsages grew bigger and more ornate and became the stand-out boutonnieres of today. Students can give each other these Homecoming mums to wear, though even those who don’t have dates or are attending Homecoming with friends can also choose their own mums for themselves.

Customized and Personalized Mums

Enchanted Florist offers a large selection of mums that can cater to your personal tastes and preferences. The basic mums come in the standard single, double, or triple mums. You can also choose the large and attention-grabbing Mumstrosity, which is made with four mums and can hold a lot of decorations. Homecoming mums for Friendswood High School also come in the school colors royal blue, white, and silver. If you’re a senior, you can commemorate your final year in high school by choosing mums decorated with gold or silver. 

homecoming mums for friendswood high school

Friendswood High School Homecoming mums can also come in quirkier arrangements. You can choose a heart-shaped mum that can set your date apart from others. If you want to support your football team, you can also come to Enchanted Florist’s store and create a football mum arrangement.

You can personalize your mums by having Enchanted Florist create a theme that reflects your personality, interests, or sports. If you play a sport other than football, you can choose trinkets shaped like basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls, among other things. You also have the opportunity to choose your preferred combination of colors.

Mums are typically decorated with streams of braids, chains, boas, and ribbons that display your name, your date’s name, or the school year. You can also add your choice of stuffed animals and other trinkets. You can go big by installing lights on your mums to make yourself truly stand out among your classmates. Homecoming mums for Friendswood High School should be able to celebrate school spirit as well as your individuality.

Order and Delivery System friendswood tx homecoming mums woth braids

Designing and ordering your mums can be really easy. You can go to the store to see the mums and decorations yourself before placing your order. You can also go on Enchanted Florist’s website and fill up the online order form. Enchanted Florist can deliver your mums right to your doorstep. If you so choose, you can also pick up the mums yourself from the store. Homecoming is an exciting time, so make sure that you pick mums that can really highlight the day. Your Homecoming celebrations on October 21, 2016 are looming close, so make sure to start conceptualizing your Friendswood High School Homecoming mums soon.

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