Card Message Ideas for Bosses’ Day

Monday October,17th is Boss’s Day! Bosses may get a bad rap, but for one day in October we show them our appreciation! Sending a big beautiful bouquet of flowers for bosses day or a lush green plant is a prefect way to stay on your bosses good side. 

card message ideas for bosses day flowers delivery

Here are some ideas for your card messages to keep you on their good side for another year…

~ I would still come here every day to see you, even if you weren’t my boss. Just take my word for it, okay? Happy Boss’s Day!

~ We heard you cussing a blue streak so we bought you this living plant to help clear the air. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ The President just declared Boss’s Day a holiday! See you tomorrow.

~ We drew straws to see who would slide the card under your door, but I told everyone it’s always open! Happy Boss’s Day! p.s. I’m right here if you need me.

~ Thanks for keeping me around despite the napping incident. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ If it weren’t for you and the free coffee, this place would be no fun! Happy Boss’s Day!

~ Nothing says, “I deserve a raise” quite like a gift of flowers. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ We’re a motley crew and it isn’t easy to keep us in line. Thanks for the structure. We’ll grow up sometime! Happy Boss’s Day! 

card message idas for bosses day flowers delivery food baskets

~ We were going to get you a cupcake, but the vending machine is out-of-order. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ Some people don’t like being bossed around. That’s all. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ Did you see that movie where the crazy chicks kidnapped the boss and tied him up? Yeah, me neither. Happy Boss’s Day!!

~ Fabulous Bosses in History…. John D. Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt, Donald Trump & Bruce Springsteen. Congratulations on being one of the few!! Happy Boss’s Day!

~ Being a boss is a tough job. You deserve a break! Let me know if you need me to take over. Happy Boss’s Day!

~ We have never known a boss as patient and considerate as you! Also the copier is on fire. Happy Boss’s Day!

So check out our most popular selection of flowers to send to your boss, and stay on their good side for yet another year (if they have one.) We deliver flowers in the Houston, Pasadena, clear Lake area and can deliver you elegant or manly bouquet just in time. Contact The Enchanted Florist to make your boss’s day one to remember!

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