Our Favorite Additions to Our Fall Flowers


If you’ve been reading our monthly flower spotlights, you’ll have already seen some of our favorite fall flowers including the Aster and Hypericum berries. But beautiful flowers aren’t the only thing that goes into a gorgeous autumn arrangement! Check out some of our favorite additions and see how our florist in Pasadena, TX is integrating them into our fall flowers.

A Few of Our Favorite Fall Things


A few wheat shafts added to an arrangement give it some visual height as well as make us think of the fall harvest season! Wheat is a gorgeous touch to a bouquet and you’ll find it in several autumn arrangements, such as the Majestic Harvest Fall Flower Bouquet.


Nothing says fall like a lovely round pumpkin! Our florist loves to use pumpkins not only as additions in the arrangement but as a container for the arrangement itself. This creates a really special display for fall, and you can see it in our Pumpkin Harvest Fall Flower Bouquet.


We love the soft, velvety addition of cattails to a fall arrangement. Their lovely brown tones complement the oranges, yellows and reds used in many of our autumn arrangements and give them some height. You can see them in use in our Majestic Harvest Fall Flower Bouquet.

Fall Leaves

Of course, you can’t have fall without some pretty leaves. Leaves are a great addition to an autumn arrangement, and an unusual touch that everyone will appreciate. Our florist in Pasadena incorporates fall leaves into arrangements such as our Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Candles. You’ll want to order in advance to ensure you can have this beauty on your table in time for dinner.


We know that candles aren’t exclusively for the fall, but there is something especially nice about a candle on a cool autumn night! We incorporate candles into a number of our fall flower arrangements, including our Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Candles and our Fall Delight Flower Bouquet and Candle. The Fall Delight arrangement comes with a candle that will burn for more than 100 hours, so you’ll get plenty of enjoyment from it even after the flowers are gone.

It’s All in the Presentation

Enchanted Florist in Pasadena devotes a lot of time, experience, and passion into every arrangement that we create. We know that when it comes to flowers, presentation matters. That’s why you’ll see all kinds of little finishing touches on our autumn bouquets, including little bows of raffia, a rose that’s the perfect shade of red, or the addition of gerbera daisies in a vibrant orange that sets off the entire display. These details are what makes our fall flowers so special and why so many people are ordering them for their family and friends this holiday season.

If you love fall, can’t wait to sip hot cider, wear your favorite boots and comfiest sweaters, and enjoy all of the beauty fall has to offer, you need to celebrate its arrival with a fall flower bouquet from Enchanted Florist. Place an order online, over the phone or in our store in Pasadena today!

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