The Hidden Message in the Colors of Flowers

color meanings flowers pasadena texas red rosesFrom orange tulips to yellow roses, the colors of flowers have been used to convey our deepest feelings and emotions for thousands of years. This symbolism behind the color of a flower can help communicate a message when words are not enough. The following are some of the hidden sentiments behind the most popular flower colors.


White is the color of innocence, perfection, and purity, which is why it is a popular color for flowers at weddings, bridal showers, and anniversary celebrations. White flowers also convey a sense of reverence, which m

color meanings flowers pasadena texas yellow sunflowers

akes them appropriate for funeral and sympathy arrangements.


The color pink instantly brings to mind gentleness and femininity. It is also slightly playful and flirtatious, making it perfect for birthdays or to symbolize young love. Roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are among the most popular pink flowers.  


Orange tulips are the perfect way to express warmth, joy, and happiness. Orange flowers are appropriate for birthdays, celebrations, “get well” arrangements, or to let someone know you were thinking about them.


Yellow roses, tulips, and daffodils have long been used to symbolize friendship. They can also express feelings of respect, trust, and compassion. Yellow flowers are a favorite for workplace occasions, such as Boss Appreciation Day.

color meanings flowers pasadena texas pink


Green flowers send a message of optimism, resilience, good fortune, and health. They also work well in combination with other colors. Green hydrangeas and calla lilies are popular choices for “get well” bouquets.


The color blue conveys serenity, peace, and health. Blue flowers are often used in “get well” and sympathy arrangements.


Red is the color of passion and romantic love. Red is the most popular choice for anniversary and Valentine’s Day bouquets because it symbolizes our heart and the depth of our love.

Regardless of the situation, our floral designers can help you find just the right color flowers to express your feelings. Contact us today to place your order.

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