The Best of Friendswood Flowers

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Fresh flowers make a house a home. Enjoy the best of Friendswood flowers; Enchanted Florist can help you find fresh blossoms to suit any taste or budget. Are you interested in a vase full of cut flowers, or would you prefer a terrarium? What about some potted plants that will delight for years to come?

A Few Ideas for Flowers in Friendswood TX

Azaleas come in a variety of colors. Buy our Blooming Azalea Double Basket Garden, where colorful azaleas are paired with English ivy in an attractive wicker basket. Enjoy the basket on your coffee table or dining room table now. Later, plant the ivy and azaleas in your yard. Both will thrive and grow. Azaleas go from small potted plants to gorgeous hedges. Plant them in partial shade, water them well, and watch them grow year by year until you have bushes to brag about. 

friendswood flowers shop florist texas tx delivery purple flowers

You can keep the ivy in the house — they’re one of the easiest house plants to tend — or plant them outside. Do not plant the ivy next to the azaleas, as they require much less water than the azaleas do.

Would you prefer our Sweet Azalea Blooming Plant? It’s smaller than the Blooming Azalea Double Basket Garden, slightly less expensive, and does not include the English ivy.

Are you having trouble choosing between a green plant and a flowering plant? Why not get both? The Blooming Plant Double Basket Garden combines spathiphyllum, also called peace lilies, with kalanchoe. The peace lily thrives in low to medium light, and should not be overwatered. The kalanchoe does best in full sunlight, but can grow in moderate light. The small bright blossoms of the kalanchoe provide an attractive contrast to the green leaves of the spathiplyllum.

friendswood flowers shop florist texas tx delivery orange flowers

Roses are another great option, and there are so many other choices besides a standard red dozen roses for delivery in Friendswood. Malibu is our most popular, it is a white rose with pink tips. We also get in purple roses, yellow roses, and orange roses. One dozen roses, two dozen roses and even three dozen roses we can total create for you. Our premijm roses are flown in from Ecuador weekly, and more often as neccessary. Roses are a great option for birthday flowers for delivery in Friendswood TX.

Contact Us for Flowers in Friendswood Texas

You don’t need to wait for a birthday or an anniversary to give flowers. Flowers are a perfect gift at any time, or you can buy them for yourself. Contact us to find the best flowers and plants in Friendswood.

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