Clear Creek High School Homecoming Mums

As part of a Texan homecoming tradition, Clear Creek High School Homecoming mums are a common yearly sight. When the large, elaborate mum boutonnieres start flooding the halls of the school, it’s definitely easy to get into the spirit of Homecoming. Enchanted Florist caters to almost twenty high schools in the area and can supply standard mums as well as custom designs and arrangements. 

homecoming mums for clear creek high school in league city tx

Homecoming Mums in League City, TX

Homecoming mums are a Homecoming tradition unique to Texas. It originated several decades ago, when students gave chrysanthemum flowers to their dates for Homecoming. Over the years, the arrangements became larger and more elaborate, and became the mums we know and love today. These mums are still exchanged by dating students, though you can also choose a Homecoming mum for yourself.

Custom Mum Designs

Enchanted Florist supplies a wide variety of mums in different shapes and sizes. You can get a deluxe single, double, or triple mums. Homecoming mums for Clear Creek High School in League City Texas can also come in the school colors burgundy, white, and silver. Seniors are set apart by mums decorated purely in either gold or silver. You can also pick out your own preferred colors if you want a more personalized mum. If you’re kind of a romantic, you can also choose a heart-shaped mum for your date. 

clear creek high school homecoming mums for sale

If these mums don’t make a big enough statement for you, there is always the Mumstrosity. The Mumstrosity is made of four mums, and has enough space for a lot of decorations. To get into the spirit of the Homecoming game, you can also visit Enchanted Florist and create your own football mum.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to be creative with your mums. Clear Creek High School Homecoming mums can be fully customized to fit your style and tastes. These mums can reflect your personality, likes, and interests with the use of relevant trinkets. Enchanted Florist will make sure that your mum will reflect who you are. You can pick out decorations like stuffed animals, chains, boas, ribbons that have your name and the present school year, and even lights to give your mum a little something extra. Homecoming mums for Clear Creek High School can also have your pick of long braids, such as the military braid, the heart braid, the spiral braid, the flat braid, the ruffle combo braid, the deluxe ruffle braid, the deluxe box braid, the Texas checkerboard, the loopty, and the diamond back.

maroon and white homecoming mum for clear creek high school

Hassle-Free Delivery

Ordering mums from Enchanted Florist is easy. You can go to the website and browse he catalog of Homecoming Mums. After that, you can fill up the online order form. If you want to see the mums and decorations in person, you can visit the physical store and place your order there. Your mums can be delivered to you (yes we deliver to League City, Webster, and CLear Lake,) or you can also pick them up from the store. Remember, Homecoming is on October 28, 2016. Get the best mums you can by conceptualizing your Clear Creek High School Homecoming mums as soon as now.

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