Beautiful Purple Roses: A Magical Choice to Show Your Love

beautiful bouquet of two dozen purple roses for houston delivery

For many people, roses are a traditional way to show your love. The unique class of beautiful purple roses takes it to a higher level. The color purple is associated with royalty, magic, mystery, and even piety. Throughout history, wearing purple was reserved for royalty or bishops of the church. That makes purple roses a gift fit for a king or queen.

Meaning of Purple Roses

In general, giving purple roses indicates a magical and enchanting love. More specifically, lavender roses signify love or enchantment at first sight, while deep purple roses mean a more enduring and deeper love. Therefore, lighter colored purple roses are appropriate for new relationships, and darker purple roses are perfect for wedding anniversaries and long-term relationships.

beautiful one dozen purple roses for houston delivery texas

Include a reference to the magical, enduring, or enchanting characteristics of your feelings in the card you attach to the roses. Let the recipient know that they are the king or queen of your heart.

History of Purple Roses

Purple roses are mentioned for the first time in the 1800s. They do not occur naturally, but rather they are a hybrid between standard European roses and a rose variety from China. Colors of purple roses range from pastel to bright to dark. They can have pink, blue, red, or gray undertones. Typical colors are lavender, lilac, and plum.

Varieties of Purple Roses

Names and colors of purple roses vary greatly from grower to grower. Here is some of the more common names and colors for purple roses, but please note that this can vary. Also, as rose bushes age, growers replace them with new varieties and this could also change the shade of your favorite rose.

Varieties of lighter purple roses include: Cool Water, Cool Paris, Blueberry, Rock Fire, Ocean Song, Purple Haze, Amnesia, Silverston, Moody Blues, Queen of the Night, Deep Purple, Lady Moon, Nautical, and Nuage.

Varieties of deep purple roses include: Midnight Blue, Burgundy Iceberg, Night Owl, Ebb Tide, Neptune, and Purple Heart.

types of beautiful purple roses for houston delivery texas

The next time you want to send some spectacular and show stopping flowers to that special someone, skip the red roses, and consider beautiful purple roses for a truly special gift. Contact us to choose the perfect purple roses and to see what we have in stock.

We offer same day delivery and next day delivery of our two dozen purple roses in the Houston, TX area and surrounding cities. We also have relationships with over 2000 florists around the country so rest assured that we can get your special delivery on time. 

Give us a call, order your roses online, or stop by our to order your flowers at our Fairmont Parkway location. We would love to see you. 

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