A Texas Tradition- Houston Homecoming Mums

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Homecoming mums are a uniquely Texan Homecoming tradition, selling homecoming mums in Houston, TX makes for a fun business. Because these large and ornate mums are so time consuming, they can get to be pricey whether you create them yourself or have a professional like Enchanted Florist do it for you. And many times, if you are new to crafty, it can end up costing even more than buying it made.

What Will You Add To Your Homecoming Mum?

Enchanted Florist is a well-known florist in Houston. We offer unique, highly customizable mums that can be tailor-made to suit your preferences. Our mums come with a chain, a good luck charm, ribbons, and a cowbell. You can add a football, a helmet, and other special requests.

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If you give us details such as your school colors and school mascot, we can create mums that reflect your school spirit well. You can even bring in small stuffed animals to truly personalize your homecoming mum. Our mums also include the names, and are typically elegant and very streamlined.

What Will Your Homecoming Mum Theme Be?

We create glitzy, glamorous homecoming mums in Houston, TX that are also highly customizable. You can pick each piece that goes into your mums. There are handmade braids, charms, letters, crowns, and stuffed animals. This year we even have lights you can add on. Your custom mum can be as elegant and high style as your imagination will let you, or more country, laid back and wild.

And you don’t have to stop at your school colors for information. Some of our more girly clients have opted for hot pink and zebra print mums. Senior mums tend to be in all white plus accented in either gold or silver. Choosing to wear an all white senior mum shows to the world you are in your last year of high school. 

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Enchanted Florist in Houston creates custom mums for Houston residents, as well as people from other areas. We can supply jumbo single mums, double mums, and triple heart mums. There’s also a great selection of garters for guys, with deluxe, jumbo, double, and triple garters. Aside from the usual boutonnieres and garters, we also design and sells wristlet mums, finger mums, and spirit sticks. These products can be customized to suit the wearer as well as the wearer’s hobbies and preferences.

Ease Ordering and Delivery for Your Homecoming Mums

Enchanted Florist has created homecoming mums in Houston, TX for more than 20 high schools in the area. The mums are guaranteed to be finished within the week of homecoming and ready for pick up. If you need us to, we can even deliver your mum to you if you are in our delivery area. If you are out of our delivery area, we can ship you mum with enough notice, or overnight it to you for an extra charge.

We have several options for payment as well. We accept cash and credit cards for all purchases. There is also the added option of using PayPal when your mum is ordered online. So call, stop by, or place your order online.

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