Top 6 Guy Tips for an Easy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days when it comes to holidays regarding relationships. If you are in a long-term relationship it is likely that to her, this day is almost as important as your anniversary. Valentines Day flowers are almost a must to adhere to the standards of this holiday.

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It is usually expected that you will somehow make Valentine’s Day special. Your significant other will likely appreciate any efforts that you put into the special day, but if you’re able to go above and beyond their expectations you will likely make it a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Valentines Tip #1 – Think Outside The Box

No matter what you do, try to think outside of the box. It is customary to provide flowers for your significant other, but don’t settle for simply giving them during dinner. Try to have them hand-delivered to their workplace by a professional florist, or better yet by you! The public spectacle will add to the intimacy of the situation and she will will likely appreciate the extra attention that the flowers get from her coworkers.

Valentines Tip #2 – Rose Petals for Romance

Another idea is to create a design with the flowers in addition to their bouquet of roses or other flowers. A bath filled with rose petals can be the perfect tone for a romantic evening in.

Rose petals for Valentines Day can be ordered in three quantities from our store. The small size is good to sprinkle in her bath tub. The medium size is good for the bed. And if you are wanting to create a whole romantic night, the large is perfect for you. 

valentines day flowers delivery pasadena texas tx 2

Valentines Tip #3 – Think Ahead, Order Your Flowers Early

Valentine’s Day flowers often go quickly so it might be necessary to place an order a week in advance to ensure that your florist has enough product in stock. In addition, we generally deliver the flowers in the order they were placed so a last minute placed order usually goes last.

Valentines Tip #4 – She Wants You Time and Attention

Flowers for Valentine’s Day are not the only thing you can get or do to win your love’s heart. Cooking an exquisite meal with your significant other can add to the intimate time that you spend together. This can be crafting your favorite meal or trying something different, the goal is not to eat the food, though hopefully it is delicious, but rather to make memories with someone who is it important to you.

Valentines Tip #5 – It’s Not The Size, But The Thought You Put Into It

Valentine’s Day flowers shouldn’t be entirely forgotten. Since flowers are such a major part of the holiday tradition, most women will be looking forward to their bouquet of roses. Don’t risk setting a poor tone for the rest of the night by forgetting the flowers.

valentines day flowers delivery pasadena texas tx 3

Even if you only can afford a single rose, it is the thought that counts more than the size. By saying you didn’t have time, or telling her the florist ran out, she will know you waited until the last minute. Preparation is key to making this Valentine’s Day perfect.

Valentines Day Tip #6 – Opt for Something Besides a Red Rose

Valentine’s Day flowers range from anything from the classic red rose to elegant white lilies. If you know your partner’s favorite flower and can find it in February, it might just make a larger impact than if you had chosen a rose simply because that is what everyone else does. Also choosing blooms from your wedding is a romantic wedding if it is possible.

If you’re not wanting to stray too far from tradition, choosing a rose other than red is always a great option. There are very beautiful colored roses like white, hot pink, and our top seller Malibu roses. Malibu roses are a creme colored rose with a hot pink tip.

We Are Here To Help

Take these tips and apply them with the personal experiences you already have and this year’s Valentine’s Day will be something you remember for many years to come. And remember we are always here to help you out and offer our professional floral opinions.

When you are ready, we offer easy ordering online, by phone, and in person at our Pasadena location. 

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