Top 5 Common Questions About Orchid Flowers

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers that are commonly cultivated. There are two major ways to own an orchid. The first is to grow them and create a beautiful orchid planter which takes care and patience. The second is to purchase it from a florist. Many people understand it is easy to get an orchid delivery though they may not know exactly which shops offer the service. Here are a few frequently asked questions in regards to the beautiful orchid flower.

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What does an orchid look-alike?

Orchids are characterized by five petals on each blossom. Then, a plant may have multiple blossoms overall with all having a similar appearance. Orchids can come in many different colors as well as bloom at different points in the year.

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Can I change and orchid color?

This is a bit of a tricky question. While trying to change a colored orchid may not be the best idea, it is possible to change just about any white flower to a different color by watering it with plant & flower coloring. The dye in the food coloring will slowly change the petals to the desired hue. This can be an easy way to add color to a previously bland flower. The only problem is that it must be done while the orchid is still alive. If you purchased a cut orchid vs an orchid planter from a florist this option will not be available.

Why will not my orchid blossoms not open?

Sometimes orchid planters get impatient. Many of the larger varieties of orchids take months to blossom. If this is the case simply performing the standard care for your plant will eventually result in the blossoms opening. There are certain health problems that can prevent an orchid from blossoming that will likely be apparent on the rest of the plant as well. If the plant looks to be healthy, you will likely need to wait only a short while longer.

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What should I do with my orchid planter?

This question is for orchid planters. One of the crucial steps into promoting good health of your newly acquired orchid is to repot it into your own pot once it is overgrown. While this isn’t strictly necessary for the current health of the plant, it allows you to inspect the orchid as a whole including the roots rather than just simply judging heath by the petals. If you see any dead or rotten roots prune them while you are repotting in order to promote the best health for your new plant.

What do I do with a cut orchid flower?

The key to caring for cut orchids is similar to that of any other type of cuts flowers. In order to keep it lasting as long as possible you want to place it into a jar partially filled with water. The water will keep the cut stem hydrated and keep the plant looking as fresh as possible for quite a while. It is important to note that the cut flower will eventually wilt as a potted plant will not. If you are receiving an orchid delivery, try to ask for the flowers to be placed in a vase unless you have one already.

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