February Flower Spotlight of the Month: The Larkspur

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If you’re going to be celebrating a flower of the month, then there’s no better flower for Larkspur. It’s such a gorgeous flower, especially for this month of February when anyone who loves their garden is just itching to start planting. It’s almost spring, but not quite there! 

Unfortunately, as beautiful as these flowers can be, they’re not fit for everywhere. If you’re going to be tracking down this beautiful flower, either for your garden or as part of a bouquet, there are some things you’re going to need to know.

Growing Climate for Larkspur

Larkspur is the common name for the flowers of genus Delphinium, which contains 250 different varieties. But they all share several common factors (that’s what being part of a genus means).

They grow best in areas with cool, moist summers. So most of the southern half of the United States is right out, as is southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. At least, if you want them in your garden. You can always go greenhouse.

They should also be planted in spring, and you should ensure that their soil never dries out. This is why the summers need to be moist. In addition, there are some other important considerations.

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The Fragility Of Genus Delphinium

Larkspur are long lived, but quite fragile. For example, they do not respond well to transplanting, so if you’re going to greenhouse them you’ll need to make certain to use individual pots for each one. They also don’t live very long after being cut, lasting only about a single week. But that doesn’t stop us from using them in bouquets and admiring their beauty.

They need moist soil at all times, as well, meaning they’re a bit of a water hog. This means that you’re going to want to avoid them if your area has any kind of history of drought. Not only that, but larkspur have hollow stalks. For those, you’ll need to use stakes to ensure that you won’t have snapped flowers.

That said, they are particularly long lived flowers. After the first frost, you can cut their stems down to about a single inch above the ground. Doing so, and then watering heavily and ensuring plenty of sun once the frost melts away, allows the larkspur to grow strong again.

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Why Do You Love Flowers?

Flowers of every kind are beautiful, and each one is a special, unique gift that brightens the area and brings the smell of a fresh spring into the home. That’s why so many people work so hard to grow a variety of flowers. From interior design to potpourri, flowers are amazing.

But make sure that you don’t try the larkspur flowers unless you’re a bit more seasoned. They’re wonderful flowers, but they do require a bit of care and work. But as long as you’re prepared for that, they can be an absolutely gorgeous addition to any garden or greenhouse, helping make the place feel more alive.

We loving adding larkspur to our flower bouquets! We are here to help create a beautiful bouquet no matter what type of flowers you would like. Give us a call and we can help. 

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