Welcome Spring with Plant a Flower Day

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Get ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with an annual holiday celebration that is meant for flowers of all kinds. It is time for Plant a Flower Day. March 12 is the official date to celebrate. Whether you are in a climate where the ground is still frozen or you live in a warm climate, it is the ideal day to plant a flower or start a garden.

A little history…

The history of this annual celebration of Plant a Flower day is not exactly known. It is speculated that because flowers have always been signs of respect, love and sentiment that it just made sense to create a day to plant them especially as spring gets ready for its big arrival.

The Egyptians used flowers in arrangements over two thousand years ago. They celebrated life as well as death with flowers as decorations. Following the Egyptians lead, the Romans and Greeks also began using flowers as sentimental objects.

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What better time to celebrate the beauty of all kinds of flowers than with their very own holiday? While some sources will cite that May is the original month for this holiday, most all source agree that the current day to plant an actual flower inside or outside is March 12th. Research also shows that no single person or organization has laid claim to creating this day.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating this day is pretty simple. All you need to do is think of a flower to plant. As mentioned, you can do this indoors if you are still experiencing frost in your area. You can also go ahead and get your trowel out if you live in a warmer climate. It is time to start a flower garden!

You can plant one flower or a whole garden’s worth on this day. You can get some seeds and start sowing them outdoors. This is the perfect way to celebrate for anyone of any age.

Seniors can easily get outside and plant flowers or they can do with planting one flower in a flower pot. Children will enjoy learning about gardening and plants when you celebrate with them. They can learn about all the ways flowers help bring happiness and comfort and even protect the environment from pollution.

While it is entirely up to you as to what you plant, you might want some suggestions. Think about the colors you would like to have in your garden. Consider how soon you want to see the seedlings sprout. Then just visit the florists at EnchantedFloristPasadena.com. They can offer you a whole host of flower planting options.

Get creative with your planters!

If it holds water it can hold a plant. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to hold water. Debbie has been know to tie plants to boards, walls, and pipes. So check out some of our favorite images from across the web and get inspired. What can you plant a flower in today? 

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Many people enjoy planting tulips as spring gets ready to bloom. But, you can also plant fuchsias, gardenias, impatiens or whatever else appeals to you. This is a day for flowers, but it is a day to think about just how these flowers enhance people’s lives. Get ideas, suggestions and tips for what flowers to plant from Enchanted Florist.

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