FAQs for Finding A Prom Corsage Near Me

Prom corsages are a tradition. Picking the right corsage for your date can be stressful, especially if you have never bought flowers before. Choosing a corsage that will put a smile on the face of the special someone you are taking to prom is not difficult. Find out more about the different options for prom corsage near me once you have a better idea of the kind of flowers you would like to get.

Should You Buy A Pre-Made Corsage Or A Custom-Made One?

Enchanted Florist has a huge selection of pre-made corsages as well as a prom bar where you can create your own corsage by picking out the flowers, bling and ribbons you want. Buying a pre-made corsage is a great option if you are shopping for flowers at the last minute and have a specific color or type of flowers in mind. A custom corsage is great if you have a creative side, know your date well and want something that will really stand out.

Which Colors And Flowers Will Your Date Like?

Try finding out as much as possible about your date’s preferences. Ask about the outfit that your special someone picked out and about the colors and accessories they plan on wearing to prom. Ideally, the corsage you get should go well with what your date is wearing. Ask about any allergies to flower to avoid picking out a corsage that will make your date sneeze! Ask your date about their favorite colors and try finding a corsage with these colors. If your date likes unusual colors, consider getting some dyed carnations.

What Kind Of Corsage Should You Get?

You can purchase pinned-on corsages but traditional corsages are worn around the wrist. If your date plans on wearing a strapless dress, a pinned-on corsage is not a good choice. A small hand-held bouquet is a good alternative if you want something that is more original.

What Is The Safest Option?

If you don’t know enough about what your date likes or about their outfit, your best option is to choose a wrist corsage since they will be able to wear it with any outfit. Some white flowers and discreet bling are a good choice since the corsage will look elegant and will work with any color.

How Much Do You Want To Spend On The Corsage?

It is best to have a budget in mind when you explore your options for a prom corsage near me. You will find that prices vary a lot depending on the florist you choose and on the type of flowers you want. Having a price range in mind will help you narrow down your options.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help!

Don’t hesitate to ask your date for help with picking out the corsage if you are not sure what they will like. If you want to surprise your date with some flowers, ask the florist to recommend a corsage for your prom date.

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