The History of the Prom Corsage and Boutonniere

history of corsage and boutonniere for prom pasadena houston tx 1There is much significance behind the festivities that celebrate the graduation from high school. Prom goers will invariably fuss and fret over nailing the perfect attire and preparations can often begin many months in advance.

The traditional prom corsage and boutonniere are one such tradition with great importance and subtle significance to both the male and female attendant.

The corsage has been a fashion accessory for many centuries though the designs and styles have changed drastically. The original term for this fashion item was “bouquet de corsage” and was a small bouquet meant to be worn on the bodice of a fashionable lady at an important event.

Where was the first place for a corsage and boutonniere to be worn?

The corsage was often worn at a wedding where it was believed, the small flowers and herbs could ward off foul spirits. There were many ceremonies and events that included corsage-wearing participants and the high school prom is a culmination of them all.

The traditions behind the modern prom corsage began back in the 20th century when presenting a corsage to a woman attending a social dance was an important courtship ritual. The young man would arrive at the young lady’s house where he would respectfully greet the parents and even bring flowers to the mother, afterwhich he would produce the corsage and pin it to the dress of his date.

The Corsage and Boutonniere: No More Pinning

Fashion evolved faster than the traditional and soon the corsage was being worn elsewhere on the young lady’s prom dress. Now a corsage is like a small bouquet attached to an elastic band and worn about the wrist. More stylish designs are being produced that can be worn in the hair as well.

history of corsage and boutonniere for prom pasadena houston tx 2

Selecting the corsage is another important aspect of the courtship ritual. While it is customary to purchase the corsage, some gifted gentlemen have been able to assemble an impressive bouquet with skill and floral tape. It will also be important to know if the young lady has any flower related allergies, making an artificial corsage more suitable.

Matching a Prom Corsage to a Prom Dress

A savvy young man will also inquire as to the color arrangement. By asking the young lady what color evening gown she will be wearing he can produce a clever color coordination with his corsage. Another idea is to choose a neutral-colored blossom that will combine well with any color gown. Whites, peaches, pinks, and gold prom flowers are some tones that combine well with dresses of all colors.

Unique Options for Prom Flowers

The choice of flower can send another subtle indication of a discerning gentlemen. Roses are an easy hit, but corsages created of orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums and birds of paradise can carry a message of esteem and affection in a delightful way. 

Final Notes-  If you want to be sure of the very best corsage selection consider the local florist. They are typically very busy throughout the spring and summer with orders from weddings, proms, communions and many other special events. You will want to order your corsage well in advance to ensure you get your prom corsage filled on time.

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