Finding The Perfect Wrist Corsage For Prom

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Is your prom night just around the corner? Have you picked out the perfect dress for you? How about the matching boutonniere and wrist corsage for prom for you and your date? 

A corsage is a small flower arrangement that is worn on a female’s wrist, while a boutonniere is worn on a male’s lapels. Choosing your wrist corsage for the best prom night of your life can be quite difficult. Here are some tips that might help you decide on choosing the best prom corsage, from the design, style, color, and its cost.

What Would Be The Best Style And Design For Your Corsage For Prom?

You can bring your dress to the florist before choosing your corsage design. The florist can customize your corsage on your choosing or something that accents the design of your dress. Usually, your date will be the one to order your corsage. You can always provide a photo of your dress to give him an idea.

Don’t you think that it would be a better idea to visit the flower shop together? You can always make the decision on the details of your best prom corsage and boutonniere. In that way, you can also choose his boutonniere so that you can have a design that will match your outfits.

How Long Will It Take To Create A Wrist Corsage for Prom?

You must buy your prom dress a couple of months ahead because you need it to choose the design of your corsage. Usually, a corsage must be ordered at least a week or two before your prom night. Your florist can work on it a little bit longer if you opted to get a customized one. Your corsage is made from fresh flowers. That means it is best if you pick it up on the actual day of your prom to maintain the quality of the flowers.

How Much Does A Wrist Corsage Cost And Who Pays For It?

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Usually, the male date must purchase the corsage. Even though he is going to pay for the corsage, the female date chooses the corsage and boutonniere designs to make sure that it will match each other’s outfits. A corsage can roughly cost about $50 or more. It will depend on what corsage you would like to have. The type of flower to be used will influence the cost as well. You can also have it customized and even put some add-ons on it. Some people say that your corsage must cost about 10% of your dress’ actual cost. While your date pays for your corsage, you are in charge of getting him his boutonniere.

Talking to your date about his preference is a good idea. What if he is allergic to flowers? What if he doesn’t like the color? What if he has a better suggestion? You can always visit our website or drop by our shop, Enchanted Florist, your top corsage flower shop, to order the best wrist corsage for prom tailor-made by our talented florists to match your unique requirements.

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